Workshop with Samsung Art and Design Institute, Seoul, South Korea

A group of nine our students was off to Korea for our Annual SADI Workshop, coordinated by Alison Prendiville and Cordula Friedlander. This was a 5 day service design sprint about Korea’s National Trust at the Samsung Art and Design Institute.

The project was organized by Professor Hyunmee Kim from SADI and the aim was to explore, through Service Design methods, opportunities for supporting and developing service solutions for the National Trust Korea who is, as a heritage and cultural organization, still very much in its infancy.
Research challenges were to identify the tangible and intangible aspects of the places given and to develop opportunities for service concepts, including both digital and non-digital touch-points.

Our students teamed up with the final year communication students from SADI, working in groups of five. At the end of the sprint each team presented their insights and concepts to teaching staff and representatives from the National Trust. The concepts were beautifully presented and included a ‘literature trail through Seoul’ accompanied by podcasts, a year of events at Yi Sang’s house, an how to make the National trust ‘Instragrammable’ for younger users, membership engagement’s activities and other events