Developing Strength-Based Screening Tools for Lambeth Adult Social Care

This project is part of an ongoing collaboration between Lambeth Council and students from the MA SEDI, working with Age UK Lambeth. Using a service design approach, students worked with stakeholders, service users, and service providers in Lambeth to find ways in which a strength based screening tool might work.

The students worked on the brief in Term 2 as part of their Collaborative Project Unit. We were then funded by the HEIF Local Partnership Fund to create an exhibition and workshop at Lambeth Town Hall in Term 3.

Students from MA SEDI organised a workshop with Lambeth Council officers and service providers, as well as charities working locally in this space.

In the workshop students presented their work on the project and engaged the officers and service providers in extensive feedback about their work. In addition they worked with the participants with Service Design methods.