Co-Design Your P(a)lace has to come to the happy end!

Workshop Participants

Between 20.08 – 25.08.2018 twelve students from the MA Service Design Experience and Innovation (Aom Aomruethai Lo-apirakkul, Carlos Canali, Chia-Ying Tsai, Clara Llamas, Ishan Jha, Martyna Bielak, Mateus Machado, Michele Cipollone, Kunwei Niu, Poorume Yoo, Tracy Gordon, Sujin Park) took part in the International Seminar and Service Design Sprint in the Palace and Park Complex in Siemianowice Śląskie (Poland). The Stable Foundation and Inspiration Point hosted the event about regeneration processes of the degraded areas in collaboration with the Silesian University of Technology, the University of the Arts London – London College of Communication (thanks to Nela Milic and Lucy Thornett for amazing lectures), the Copenhagen Business School, Siemianowice Śląskie City Council and Śląsko-Zagłębiowska Metropolis.  

Organisational meeting in London


Six days of intensive work, creative discussions, lectures (speakers from Poland, Denmark, Germany and England), ethnography trips and cultural tours. Furthermore, 25 designers, entrepreneurs, researchers, activists, students speakers from around the world and different sectors took up the challenge of co-creating five concepts of the service which is going to support the regeneration process of the historical Palace and Park Complex. The changemakers started their research based on dreams about the better world and sustainable development which gives a better quality of life for next generations. Each of the created solutions responds to the needs related to building communities, education, sharing knowledge and good practices. All of the ideas referring to the Palace’s vision as a place of hospitality and openness to international experience, local integration, networking and everything that supports innovation in business and society.

Work in progress

Below, you can find the description of the winning project which is going to be implemented in the Palace in 2019.


“During our design work we have concluded, that typical co-working space in the palace will not allow us to use the full potential of this amazing place. We have found that instead of renting desks we can design the space where people want to come, stay for a while and come back in the future. To describe our idea we have used „hostel” as our metaphor. The hostel is the place which is characterised by the great atmosphere and is full of travellers who can go for a trip alone or with other people who they meet. In our concept, the travellers are entrepreneurs, who come to the palace to think, read and work in peace as well as to meet other entrepreneurs who decided to find in the Palace a moment of focus and calm. They will be able to go together for an intellectual journey, discussing things in the beautiful space of the palace and drink lemonade. We also plan to periodically present “social challenges” raised by people from the local community, NGOs and city council. We want “Hostel of minds” to allow us to use intellectual potential and wisdom of visiting travellers to solve problems of citizens of Siemianowice Śląskie and neighbouring cities.


by Hi5Preneurs Team

As a follow-up, we have already started planning the second edition of Co-Design, additional workshops about the regeneration and exhibitions about the project in London, Copenhagen and Gliwice.

More information about the event, participants and other projects at See you soon!

Announcement of results

By Martyna & Anna Bielak with The Co-Design Your P(a)lace Team.

visualisation of palace’s future