What are they up to now? Our December 2018 Graduates update us 6 months on.

We heard back from 29 out of our 30 recent graduates, and this is what they are up to 6 months after graduating.

Aom, Aomruethai Lo-apirakkul, Service / Interaction Designer Accenture, Thailand, Aomruethai Lo-apirakkul, is working at Accenture Thailand as service/interaction designer this April in a team that helps clients create the best customer experiences across the entire customer journey which take into account both user needs and business goals.

Jessica Ann Venø, Service Designer at Knowit in Oslo, Norway, Is currently making a digital career-guidance tool on a national basis (based on her major project work). Simultaneously consulting a (secret) start-up on service design methodologies, while pushing for more environmental and sustainable focused projects! Knowit is a very cool place to work because of its freedom and the people that work here.

Ishan Jha, Founder & Chief Design Officer, Visually Impaired People (VIP) World, London, VIP World is a service for the companies to enhance the digital platform, web or mobile, to meet the requirements of visually impaired people by co-designing with the VIP World Community based in the UK. This is based on Ishan’s Major Project. The websites and mobile devices will be designed for inclusivity with the visually impaired people (diverse profiles, provided by VIP World community through the charity network) by keeping accessible legislation (WCAG 2.1) and inclusive design (user-centered design approach) in consideration. A standard report is generated for the companies based on the moderation done by us, recommending the user insights.

Marti, Martyna Krystyna Bielak, Junior Service Designer at Designit London., Service designer with an industrial design engineering background. Four years of work experience in designing recreation areas and playgrounds. Passionate adept at improving awareness of belonging to the places/spaces and communities. Enthusiast of using service design methodology for supporting the collaborative implementation of sustainable innovations into placemaking activities and regeneration processes.

Tray, Tracy Gordon, Service Designer at Snook, Tracy is a service designer at Snook, an award-winning design agency based in Glasgow and London, helping organisations produce great services by putting people first.From exploring how design can enter into new spaces, to bringing meaningful innovation to social challenges; she strives to create positive impact in society.

Lizzy, Zhen Li, User Experience Designer, Tencent, Shenzhen, China, Lizzy (Zhen Li) is currently working at Chinese IT company Tencent as a User Experience Designer in Shenzhen, China. Designing and iterating innovative experience and user interfaces of a short video based social app.

Clara Llamas, Senior Service Designer at Livework, Clara has worked across many cultures as a business designer, strategist, entrepreneur and innovation researcher. Originally trained as an anthropologist, Clara is a firm advocate of the value of critical design to positively affect the human experience. At Livework, she builds on her diverse experience with the toolkit of the service designer. This allows her to focus on asking questions, observing emergent patterns, interpreting meaning, imagining potential and driving innovation that is humane and sustainable. https://www.liveworkstudio.com/liveworkers/8192/profile/

Mateus Machado
, Service Designer, Stefanini, London, Mateus Machado is working in London at Stefanini, a global tech company, helping them to use Service Design to connect the dots between what technology can do and innovation that delivers real value to customers and to the business.

Poorume Yoo, UX Architect at the BBC, London, A designer with work experiences in digital marketing, data analysing, and service design.Currently working at the BBC as a UX Architect, forming a coherence user experience for the Audience Platform by connecting all of the BBC products through the BBC accounts. The role of a UX architect is one that aims to provide a holistic point of view of user journeys and information architecture, which allows us to shape the problems and provide strategic solutions. I am working on designing a centralised audience data management system to improve the automated personalisation experience.

Dana, Dasom Kim, Service & Interaction Design Intern, Fjord, London.

Niu, Kunwei Niu, User Researcher, Little Red Book, Shanghai, China.

Mia, Runqiong Wang, User Experience Designer, CGTN Digital, Beijing, China.

Chien, Chien Yu, Lin, Tencent, Shenzhen, China.

Chia, Chia-Ying Tsai, Service Designer, Kapsule, London, United Kingdom.

Michele Cipollone, Associate Service Design Consultant for Basis in London, Freelance Service Design Consultant Cipollone LTD in Italy and the UK.

Winking, Zikai, Wei, Service Designer, TANG UX, Shanghai, China.

Junjun, Chenyu Hou, Service Designer, Horizon Research Consultancy Group, Shanghai, China.

Wenxiu Yang, PhD Student at Hunan University, China.

Tina, Tianyuan Wei, Experience Designer, ARK Innovation Consulting, China.

Amber Ruske, Marketing and Fundraising Officer, BCHA, Bournemouth, Dorset.

Sue, Sujin Park, Freelance Designer at Samsung Electronics, Seoul, South Korea.

Yunnie, Yuneui Choi, UX Designer at Plus X, Seoul, South Korea.

Sam Miao, Senior User Experience Designer at Alibaba Group, Shanghai, China.

Allen, Zehong Liu, Interaction Designer, Shun Feng Technology Co., Ltd. Beijing, China.

Banu Cuhadar, Service Design Consultant, Shaftesbury PLC, London, Part of this role is to implement her Major Project about water refilling stations.

Candice Xinbei Zhao has started studying for a PhD in South Korea

Carlos Canali is working for a nautical innovation company in Italy