Collaborative Unit: SH:24 and Volunteering Service for LCC

As part of the Collaborative Unit last January to March, MA Service Design students worked on two projects, together with students from other Design School MAs:

Volunteering Service for LCC 

Students created a new volunteering service proposal for the University of the Arts London (UAL). Using service design methodologies and collaborative design approach to explore, build and design meaningful service proposals for the University.

UAL Business and Innovation department hopes to launch a new skill-based volunteering program to enhance the student learning experience. Aiming to identify new opportunities and integrate with existing UAL services to promote an active volunteering initiative among students to create a positive social impact in the local community.

The service should be easily accessible and flexible for students to offer their knowledge and skills through meaningful volunteering opportunities. By volunteering in this service, students should gain work experience and social skills which will help them begin their professional practice.
This project was organised by Silvia Grimaldi and Lara Salinas and delivered by Hena Ali and Lara Salinas.

Sexual and Reproductive Health

For this project, SH:24, a clinically-led, digital sexual and reproductive health service, partnered with LCC MA Service Design in order to come up with solutions around sexual health.

SH:24 is currently providing more than 100,000 free tests per year, making it easy for people to access sexual health testing, treatment and information. Additionally, SH:24 created a user-led and clinically moderated forum as an effort to prevent unintended pregnancy and STIs.

Our role in this project was to revalidate user needs and pain points identified by SH:24 and come up with service concepts around sexual health.

Our goal was to enable SH:24 to address the needs of people who are looking for sexual and reproductive health information online and to contribute to their organisational goal of becoming a well-known reference point for online users.

This project was organised by Silvia Grimaldi and Lara Salinas and delivered by Hena Ali and Lara Salinas.