Service Design Training

University of the Arts London Academic Development, Services Delivery and Course Support approached the Service Futures Lab to upskill the teams in service design methods as well as deliver mindset change that would affect the teams’ ways of working, with the aim to make the way IT services are developed at UAL more responsive and user-centred.

The Service Futures Lab developed a tailored training programme with specific support for UAL Teaching and Enhancement Team, Programmes and Projects Team and Management Team.

The aims of the training programme were

  • Creating a culture shift towards student-first and frontline academic staff focus.
  • Demonstrating the impact of working in this way, in particular on student experience.
  • Building capacity and capabilities within existing teams to reimagine the service delivery within a culture shift environment.
  • Building capacity and capabilities within existing teams to demonstrate the impact of new future student-facing services.

And additionally, the Service Futures Lab aimed to develop a formal training proposition for capacity building in service design which could be replicated across organisations.

How is this programme creating an impact? 

  • Participants are using the service design methodology they learned in the programme while working on new initiatives. 
  • Participants are now more confident in addressing the needs of their users. 
  • Participants are aware that their teams’ work culture has shifted and are welcoming further change. 
  • Participants learned to incorporate service design thinking in their practices, even if they are not designing services directly. 


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Service Futures Lab, London College of Communication, University of the Arts London ​

Programme Design and Delivery:​
Dr Silvia Grimaldi, Reader in Service Design and Collaborative Futures
Dr Malé Luján Escalante, Senior Lecturer in Co-Design and Knowledge Exchange ​

Additional Academic Delivery:​
Marion Lagedamont, Lecturer in Prototyping, Materialising and Storytelling for Design Futures​

Evaluation Framework:​
Dr Lara Salinas, Senior Lecturer in Service Design ​

Project Management and Service Design​:
Yashwanthi​ B.S.

​Service Design Team​:
Yiner Zhou, Chalisa (Best) Intisarn, Anushka Joshi  ​

Yini Zheng​

Graphic Design​:
Chae Lee​

Video and Photography:​
Nana Maiolini​


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