Service Design Online Events

A series of online events organised by the students on MA Service Design

London College of Communication

University of the Arts London

Social Justice in Creating Sustainable Futures

Wednesday, 15 June 2022, 17:00 – 18:30 BST

A conversation about social justice in different contexts and its role in creating sustainable futures, with a focus on understanding the role of ethical storytelling and different methodologies used by industry experts.


  • Dr. Francesco Mazzarella: Senior Lecturer in Fashion and Design for Social Change at LCF
  • Manpreet Kalra: Social impact advisor, educator, speaker, podcast host, and activist working to decolonize ethical storytelling.
  • Dr. Luke Fletcher: An Associate Professor in Human Resource Management at the University of Bath School of Management
  • Moh Suthasiny: Co-CEO of Happy Grocers, a Thai impact driven sustainable food startup
  • Jenna Winton – Folklorist, Qualitative Researcher in cultural sustainability

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Organisational Design & Ways of Working

Friday 17th June, 9 – 10:15 AM BST
Learn the workings of designers and other professionals who have worked in public and private sectors, how working in different settings impacts the way of working and how to approach different briefs and needs in different environments and with various constraints.

  • Veron Lai (Head of Digital Product Design at Elvie)
  • Nirish Shakya (Independent User Experience and Design Thinking Consultant)
  • Karen Barrette (Senior Service Designer, Scottish Government)
  • Clara Llamas (Business Design Director at Veriteer) – TBC

The Impact of Design in Societal Well-being

Monday 20th June 2022, 2:30pm-4:00 BST

A discussion on the role of design, entrepreneurship and innovation in societal well-being, taking into account cultural nuances, vulnerable populations and diverse perspectives.


  • Jose Mena – Social Innovation Consultant | Strategy Design & Foresight
  • Sophie Smith – Founder and CEO at Nabta Health
  • Dabeer Hemani – Architecture | Sustainability | Circulatory in Economy
  • Adam Selzer – Designer & Social Entrepreneur
  • Cory Ames – Writer, Podcaster, and Social Entrepreneur

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In pursuit of meaning- a conversation to inform Social Design Thinking

Friday 17th of June 6:00pm-7:00pm BST

The past few years have given us the opportunity to rethink the ways in which we interact within the world that surrounds us. As designers we are challenged to open a dialogue on how we can come together as communities to balance our interaction with diverse aspects of urban life. Our conversation aims to identify how art and design can play a role in re-imagining our public spaces and preserving our heritage and social fabric.


  • Luis Vega Design practitioner, researcher and educator, specialized in cross-cultural collaboration
  • Bradford Zak: 40 years of operational experience in complex, hospitality industries
  • Marco Alvarez: VP at Fabric Images/ Orbus, Expertise in creative innovative, award-winning, custom fabric, architectural solutions

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Rethinking Economies: Sustainability, Representation and Design

Tuesday, 21 Jun 2022 – 11:00-12:00
A conversation about  economies discussed through the practice of three industry experts. We will be touching upon gig economies & sustainability, inclusion & representation, and design & policy.

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