Lambeth Council Adult Social Care – 10 week group project as part of Collaborative unit.

Lambeth Council, Adult Social Care was the main external partner in this live brief. The focus of this collaboration was on understanding the barriers around commonly used self-assessment tools and exploring a more positive approach based on the abilities (rather than the in-abilities) of the care user.
In this project students applied service design methods to asset map the different localities in the Borough of Lambeth and the services provided by the voluntary community sector, i.e. Age UK Lambeth. Each team  collaborated closely with Lambeth Adult Social Care, its partners and members of the community, i.e. potential care users.

The Challenge   Working in student teams, with potential service users and with the Lambeth voluntary sector, explore and develop concepts for screening tools. The aim is to devise effective interactive and/or engaging tools that can be used by the various stakeholders to better integrate the voluntary and community services supporting a more preventative approach to adult social care.

Student Work  Students were assigned an area of Lambeth and did in-depth ethnographic work in the area. They engaged with Adult Social Services as well as service users and charities that work in the area. The seven groups of students delivered in-depth research as well as service concepts.