Che-Wei Hsu (Jeffery)’s Major Project: IMMERS


In-depth travel experiences

In current mainstream travel culture most people are tourists instead of travelers. Tourists visit a foreign place, take pictures and then head straight to the next attraction, In order to gain more commercial benefits, often resulting in damage to local culture. In this project, I used service design methodology with the aim to reverse this situation. I started by looking at what influences travel behaviors and experiences with a view to eventually facilitating a culture shift away from tourism, and toward a ‘traveller’ culture.

IMMERS is an innovative service that encourages tourists to immerse in the places they are visiting as well as promoting cultural communication with locals, therefore enabling a more in-depth travel experience. With IMMERS tourists and travelers are able to capture key moments and memories and access to local knowledge through visual and audio records in online and off-line interactions.


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