Thomas Wagner’s Major Project – flatbox


A service that contributes to a better co-living experience, based on principles of a circular economy.

Flatbox’ explores opportunities around sustainable and efficient modes of consumption in central London. Research followed a human-centred design methodology, focussing on circular economy, fast-moving consumer goods, and co-living.

The shift from our wasteful and inefficient linear economic model that is based on take, make and dispose, to a circular system which is built on closed loops, results in complex, system-wide changes which will have far-reaching implications.

To reach the goals which were set in London’s Circular Economy Route Map to 2036, (LWARB, 2015) change needs not only to be driven by new business models but mainly by people, who make decisions with their daily consumption of products and services.

Processes and the impacts of a circular economy are very abstract to comprehend for the end user. ‘Flatbox’ therefore presents a future scenario that helps people to understand how the system might work on a daily basis. It questions how products will be sold, used and re-used for a more efficient way of using resources and also how the user behaviour can be improved in the future towards more conscious consumption.

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