Marietta Lewandowska (Maika)’s Major Project: STARS – family business intergenerational communication

STARS – family business intergenerational communication

Share your perspective, exchange experience, work with experts, ensure your business a stable future.


Family businesses are facing many challenges related to intergenerational change (succession process) which is crucial to enable the longevity of the business.

Next generation representatives (successors) are under pressure to continue the family tradition, successfully manage the business, and lead it towards the future. However, succession is difficult to plan, and often the lack of communication causes misunderstandings within the family, and the family business. Family businesses are an important part of the economy and their successful succession determines the situation in the market.

STARS focuses on five key aspects of the family business, enabling intergenerational change that provides stability, competence and knowledge transfer, long-term development, and balance between the business and the family.

The physical STARS tool stimulates discussion between family business members and key employers, about key components influencing family business (Strategy, Transformation of competences, Assets, Relationships, and Succession) to ensure that they share the perspective and understanding of those components.

The STARS digital platform enables step-by-step action planning and monitors the development of communication. It also provides the opportunity to exchange experiences with other family businesses, and to find support provided by family business experts.

STARS could not only enable family business successors to improve intergenerational communication, but also inspire them to develop even more individual methods to prepare themselves, their families and their business for what is going to come, the succession, and other future challenges.

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