Anna Focaroli’s Major Project: Quo Vado


Designing a Museum’s Experience

As cultural services, museums have the responsibility to share local and global heritage and educate visitors. QuoVado helps museums to provide a rewarding, enjoyable and educational visit.

QuoVado enhances visitor experience by providing an informative, engaging and shareable new way of visiting. Moreover, it enables closer connections between museums and their customers by exploring and uncovering multiple new touchpoints.

I focused on Triennale, a design museum in Milan, and the particular needs of their growing audience of young people 18 to 25 years old. However, this concept could be transferred to other museums facing similar challenges in engaging with young adults.

QuoVado is a mainly analogue solution which maintains and highlights the established human interactions within museums, between its staff and visitors but also amongst visitors. This is an opportunity for museums to establish a more direct and personal way of engaging with the collections on display.

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