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Youth, LGBTQ & You
Service Design Sprint
(Thu) 11/04/2019 to (Sat) 13/04/2019
London College of Communication,
University of the Arts London



The internet is a fantastic place for children and young people to learn, explore and create, however they have often to deal with a variety of negative and challenging issues, especially for LGBTQ young people. Although there are growing discussions on children and young people’s online safety from both the public and private sectors, we have seen the majority of the debates are around regulation and policy control. Are there missed opportunities on Design which can lead to a greater impact to the Healthy Internet?


Following the success of the Mozilla Festival Youth Zone workshop, ten students from MA Service Design (London College of Communication) and few LGBTQ youth service providers have expressed their interest in further collaboration. The proposed idea is to organise a 3 day service design sprint in which LGBTQ youth service providers will collaborate with MA Service Design students to further develop their service idea. The aim of this service design sprint is to practically apply the design principles we developed in the fall to turn ideas to working prototypes or service blueprints.


University of the Arts London – MA Service Design
Mozilla Open Leaders
Squad Social


Service Design Sprint Briefs
(Aim to get around 3-4 projects)

    1. Squad Social – A start-up aims to create a global community that thrives beyond sexuality. A space where LGBTQ youth can share what they’re passionate about with each other and the rest of the world. Their current design challenges are how to establish trust and onboard users.
    2. Collective resources for LGBTQ youth services – A youth worker would like to help small LGBTQ youth services in Yorkshire outreach to volunteers and to establish a sustainable network for these small non-profits to connect with volunteers.


Students from MA Service Experience Design

Mariana Pena Monteiro, Yasmeen Bazian, Ali Blake,  Maria Brandt, Yu Ding, Na Du, Changyue Gao, Jennifer Gasser, Yiqiu Ge, Yoora Ha, Alicja Halbryt, Chenyin Jin, Shikha Kanakia, Jianxun Lai, Aashna Parekh, Pierre Rault, Yutong Xiao, Jin Xu, Xinxin Xu, Ai Yamanaka, Yiwen Zhu, Rouyu Zhu


Organised by:
Veron WK Lai – Associate Lecturer UAL / Mozilla Open Leader