The Ministry of Loneliness @ Tate Exchange

Photo: Lori Demata
Loneliness is a national health crisis: 1/3 of older people experience loneliness. The second largest group likely to feel lonely are 21–35 years old.

We’re a collective of designers from the University of Arts London committed to improving the experiences of those in healthcare environments. We hope to reuse the pop up in town centers and public venues across the UK, to raise awareness and show people that there is always a small thing you can do to combat loneliness. You don’t need to be a doctor or a minister to help combat loneliness.

On Sunday 20th January, we had our first show in Tate Modern aiming to bringing loneliness into the public conversation. Three students from MA Service Experience Design and Innovation @Gazbia Sorour, @Mariana Pena Montiero @Changyue Gao participated in this Tate Exchange project. We invited members of the public to write letters to those in long term healthcare. Over 700 people came to the event, and we gained 300 letters in total. We are now collaborating with London Secondary Schools to get even more letters! There has been an overwhelmingly positive response and we have appointments to distribute the letters at homeless shelters and care homes in the next few weeks.

Illustration: Sophia Luu
Illustration: Sophia Luu

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A huge thank you to everyone who attended The Ministry of Loneliness @ Tate Exchange! 

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