Summer Term 2018: who we collaborated with

Summer Term has been long, and busy!

The Future of Government 2030+

This project came to a close this term. Students worked in partnership with the EU JRC Policy Lab, UAL Public Collaboration Lab, and Camden Council, to create seven proposals grounded on a future scenario and propose either a future model of ‘open democracy’ or future models of service delivery, applied to meeting Camden’s aspirations for the future.
See our video below and read more about the project here

Developing Strength-Based Screening Tools for Lambeth Adult Social Care

The students worked on the brief in Term 2 as part of their Collaborative Project Unit. We were then funded by the HEIF Local Partnership Fund to create an exhibition and workshop at Lambeth Town Hall in Term 3.

Students from MA SEDI organised a workshop with Lambeth Council officers and service providers, as well as charities working locally in this space, and presented their work on the project and engaged the officers and service providers in extensive feedback about their work. In addition they worked with the participants with Service Design methods.
See our video below.

Major Projects

Students have been finishing their Individual Concept Development Major Project proposals, and starting on their Major Projects. Students are working on a variety of topics, driven by their own interests or in collaboration with research projects within LCC (for example with Pharma Factory) or with outside organisations (for example the Digital Catapult).

Korea SADI Workshop

Nine MA SEDI students participated in the 10th Service Design Workshop in Korea for a week in partnership with the SADI (Samsung Art and Design Institute), the Seoul Upcycling Plaza, and supported by the Seoul Design Foundation. Read more about it below.

London Design Festival

Keep an eye on this list for an invitation to our Exhibition and events as part of London Design Festival, celebrating 10 years of Service Design at LCC. Invite will be sent out in early September.

Guest Lectures by:

Stephen Bennett – Policy Lab, Cabinet Office.

Joseph Hargrave – Associate Director and Global Foresight Manager – ARUP Foresight

Veronica Massoud Naguib – Head of CX at The Bio Agency (and former student)

Adam Thorpe – Professor in Socially Responsive Design, UAL Public Collaboration Lab

Matt Corrall – Design Director, Pancentric Digital

Boris Divjak, Strategic Designer and Project Lead, and Lawrence Richards, Service Designer – Unboxed (and former students)

Signe Bek – Experience Consultant at Spotless (and former student)

Lego Serious Play workshop by Irina Alabina, Strategy, Customer Experience and Business Development Consultant (and former student)

EY Seren – Studio Visit

Will Shaw – Director, Service Design Consulting, WAE: Globant