Service Design Research

Dr Alison Prendiville – Pharma Factory project kick-off

Rouen, France, in January

“The UAL team led by the Principal Investigator Dr Alison Prendiville will be responsible for improving public involvement with plant biotechnology at a European-wide level. The work has been designed to gain maximal impact by engaging with all stakeholders developing new tools to facilitate communication and knowledge exchange, to help understand and reduce barriers to acceptance.” read more about it here

Value of Knowledge Exchange – Dr. Lara Salinas

What is the value of knowledge exchange activities with arts and humanities higher education institutions?

In her role as Senior Research Fellow in Knowledge Exchange, Lara is carrying out a one-year research project to better understand the distinctive value of arts and design knowledge exchange activities. The overall research aim is to enhance understanding of the value that knowledge exchange activities deliver within the University of the Arts London – and potentially other arts and humanities higher education institutions.

Lara shared research in progress with MA SEDI students, applying novel tools to collaboratively reflect on the value of the projects done to date by the students.

The research in progress will be presented at Cumulus Paris 2018 next April. Two MASEDI alumni have recently joined the project as Research Assistants, and there will be additional opportunities to join the research project for current students as part of their Major Project.

Dr. Lara Salinas – SaveOurAir

Team: Public Data Lab
Title: SaveOurAir: Local Data Stories to Mobilize Action
Location: London and Copenhagen
SaveOurAir will make it easier for city planners, citizens and civil society groups to find or tell ‘data stories’ about air at specific locations – such as a road, a square, a school or a traffic intersection. This project will be carried out through a series of ‘data sprints’. Data sprints are transdisciplinary collectives that assemble over several days to collaboratively explore and visualize a set of research questions. The sprints will include participation from field experts, local citizens and civil society groups. As a result, the ‘data stories platform’ will be co-designed. By facilitating the possibility to build on existing data, the project aims to make the issue of air quality tangible for architects, city planners, activists, educators and others.


Dr. Alison Prendiville and Dr. Lara Salinas – Sustainable Design Award with Public Collaboration Lab

The Public Collaboration Lab was a finalist for the Hans Sauer Award 2018.

Adam Thorpe, Alison Prendiville, Lara Salinas, Sarah Rhodes (UAL) and Jon Lloyd (London Borough of Camden) from the Public Collaboration Lab participated in the Social Design Elevation Days 2018 hosted at Impact Hub in Munich.

During three days the event gathered six European social labs to work on developing a design process which can lead to the solution of a challenge faced by another social lab. Public Collaboration Lab worked on Wir Oberndorfer’s challenge of making Kiwitte+, a non-profit free of charge afternoon care service, sustainable.

Public Collaboration Lab didn’t win the award, though we were all happy that Wir Oberndorfer won, and will be able to implement some of the processes proposed!