Anupa Dasgupta’s Major Project: Crafting Handmade Narratives

Crafting Handmade Narratives

Crafting experiences for the handmade industry in the United Kingdom


Craftsmanship is born of skill and value and dates back centuries. Unlike mass–produced pieces, a craft artifact is a delicate singular reproduction and is a representation of how the dexterity of the hand works. It works in single or small batches. This project explores how the ecosystem of the hand made industry in the United Kingdom functions by focusing on its makers and their various knowledge practices.

The project proposes a comprehensive and transferable physical–digital platform to aid potters and ceramists, traditional or contemporary, in their creative process by aiding them to think, ideate, develop and disperse their journeys in craft. A physical toolkit with an accompanying digital platform assists the maker through their creative, organizational and collaborative needs. The digital platform allows craft makers to use interactive interfaces for easy accessibility and communication in order to facilitate, conduct, document, build profiles and collaborate in one system.

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