Lindsey William’s Major Project: The Golden Rules to Youth Participation

The Golden Rules to Youth Participation

How Service Design Innovation Revolutionised Young Lambeth Cooperative-YLC Youth Insights


Young people need to have a say in their services; this has become a priority when developing sustainable services and products.

Young people’s participation and involvement in design processes offers service providers and designers a unique perspective that produces ideas that adults may overlook. Involvement of young people and children can help improve policies, practices and research but also empowers young people to use their voices and informs them how to make better decisions regarding important issues.

Unfortunately, based on my research, only a few young people ever get to see what happens to their inputs after attending a workshop or consultation. There is a need for young people to know what has happened to their data input and what difference it has made. This knowledge can have a significant impact on the development of a young person.

I use service design and its participatory approach to explore opportunities to encourage the young people of Lambeth to actively engage with Young Lambeth Co-op Youth Insights Consulancy, and improve children’s and young people’s services. In this way, I hope to create better opportunities for them and close the loop on youth participation work.

This project was commissioned and supported by Young Lambeth Co-op.

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