Service Design Sprint: Improving employee experience by design with Decathlon

Decathlon invited the MA Service Experience Design and Innovation to explore, propose, implement and assess the impact of novel strategies for Decathlon Lakeside to improve the experience of their employees.

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This project pilots an agile model of collaboration that tackles a well-structured challenge and focuses on implementation and measurement of a service proposal with a private enterprise client. The model is devised as a five-day Service Design Sprint that follows a Double Diamond design process divided into two stages that combine curriculum project and graduate consultancy. For three intense days, teams worked to develop four service concepts, including research, prototypes, tests, implementation plan and measurement plans at 3 months. This stage concludes with the selection of one of the four service concepts proposed.

The second stage takes the form of a graduate consultancy. Over two days, the selected team, visiting service designer and tutor work together with the client on the delivery and implementation of the selected service concept. Following the Service Design Sprint, a tutor assists Decathlon during the implementation and measurement of the service concept.

Students benefit from this model by working in a professional environment through all the stages of the project, from research to implementation and measurement of the service concept’s impact. Enterprise benefits from the expertise of a team of service design practitioners, academics and students throughout the curriculum project, graduate consultancy and follow up stages to measure impact.

Download Report: Service Design Sprint: Improving employee experience by design at Decathlon.