Summer term 2017: who we collaborated with

This term students (and staff!) have been busy at work on several projects.

#1 Thematic sessions: Ethics workshop with Rob Maslin, on a Proposal Jam with Hena Ali, a Project Management day with Phillippa Rose, a blueprint masterclass with Lara Salinas, and a Prototyping workshop with Cordula Friedlander.

#2 Intensive 5-day Service Design Sprint to improve employee experience at Decathlon Lakeside (UK) [Read more]

#3 Plan International UK approached MA SEDI to help define new ways in which campaign supporters can show their support for a cause, that go beyond online petitions. The students organised co-design and co-prototyping workshops with Plan International UK staff as well as LCC students from many other disciplines. Read more about this below. [Read more]

#4Alison Prendiville and Cordula Friedlander ran the 9th Global Service Design Workshop at Samsung Art and Design Institute in Seoul (SADI), South Korea. Eight students from the London College of Communication (LCC – UAL) MA Service Experience Design and Innovation course traveled to Seoul to join the workshop, teaming up with their colleagues from the SADI Communication Design department. [Read more]

#5 Five MA SEDI students, together with two students from CSM MA Industrial Design, attended the British Geological Survey Challenge to act as Service Design consultants in the last phases of development of innovative concepts. [Read more]

#6 Guest lectures by: