Summer Term 2018: who we collaborated with

Stephen Bennett – Policy Lab, Cabinet Office.

Joseph Hargrave – Associate Director and Global Foresight Manager – ARUP Foresight

Veronica Massoud Naguib – Head of CX at The Bio Agency (and former student)

Adam Thorpe – Professor in Socially Responsive Design, UAL Public Collaboration Lab

Matt Corrall – Design Director, Pancentric Digital

Boris Divjak, Strategic Designer and Project Lead, and Lawrence Richards, Service Designer – Unboxed (and former students)

Signe Bek – Experience Consultant at Spotless (and former student)

Lego Serious Play workshop by Irina Alabina, Strategy, Customer Experience and Business Development Consultant (and former student)

EY Seren – Studio Visit

Will Shaw – Director, Service Design Consulting, WAE: Globant