Students and Alumni

Current Students

MA Service Experience Design and Innovation 2017-2018

Tracy  Tracy Gordon

Marti  Martyna Bielak

Poorume  Poorume Yoo

Clara  Clara Llamas

Sam  sam  miao

Aom  Aomruethai Lo-apirakkul

Yunnie  Yuneui Choi

Carlos  Carlos Canali

Sue  Sujin Park

Chia  Chia-ying Tsai

Allen  Zehong  Liu

Amber  Amber Ruske

Mia  Runqiong Wang

Tina  Tianyuan Wei

Lizzy  Zhen Li

Mateus  Mateus Machado

Chien  Chien Yu Lin

Banu  Banu Cuhadar

Dana  Dasom Kim

Ishan   Ishan Jha

Niu  Kunwei Niu

Winking  Zikai Wei

Michele  Michele Cipollone

Wenxiu  Wenxiu Yang

Tibby  Rui Lu

Junjun  Chenyu Hou

Lorna  Chenxuan Wang

Candice  Xinbei Zhao

Jessica   Jessica  Venø



MA Service Experience Design and Innovation 2017-18

James Henry

Lindsey Williams

Cissy Simeng Yin

Jeffery CheWei Hsu

Kloy Phakthima Patumraj

Jeff Yu

Yayun Rao

Zihan Zhou

Tessie Tianyu Wang

Jora Jie Tang

Vanessa Chun

Tritra Tritrabhorn Pohsri Twitter @tritraa

Maika Marietta Lewandowska

Chris Minzhu Li

Thomas Wagner

Anna Focaroli

Dora Qican Dong

Signe Bek

Anupa Dasgupta

Shaika Al Thani


MDes Service Design Innovation 2016-2017

Rujuta Autade

Jiyang Ding

Lishuai Dong

Yujeong Jo

Rodrigo Maia Goncalves

Ignacia Orellana Drago

Stefania Parousi

Lawrence Richards

Wuji Shang

Muwei Wang

Xinyi (Suzi) Wang

Sangjin (Justin) Woo

Fang Xia

Yun Zhang

Honglin Zhu


MDes Service Design Innovation 2014 to 2016

Holly Ling Hou

Daeun Ham

Irina Alabina

Hye Kim

Ala Jo

Boris Divjak

Delina Evans

Otto Huang

Zeina Mikati

Aimee Jung Eun Park

Xue Yin


MDes Innovation and Creativity in Industry 2008 to 2013

Marcelo Albagli

Amy Ricketts

Paola Camacho

Andrew Millar

Sinem Erdemli

Veronica Massoud–students–alumni/veronica-massoud/

Andrew Millar

Richard Baffoe-Djan

Bhargavi Kamakshivalli

Annelise Lepage

Alizey Zafar


If you’re an alumni of the course in its current or any previous name and would like to be added to this list please email Silvia Grimaldi